Hello, I'm Paul. I'm a Full Stack Developer from Austin, Texas. I've worked on everything from implementing rich user interfaces to database management. I have a strong interest in build (and architecting) data-intensive web applications. I love what I do and I'm always looking for new opportunities to learn.

What I've Worked On

Front End Development

I've worked on projects big and small using frameworks like backbone.js and react.js to managed the state of data-intensive UIs. I also have experience using css-preprocessors like Less and Sass to turn Photoshop mockups into working prototypes. I'm also skilled in configuring frontend production builds using tools like Grunt and Webpack.

Back End Development

I have a lot of experience building production ready RESTful APIs. I've built services for notification scheduling, payment processing (using stripe) and image processing. I'm also skilled in configuring applications to run in Docker containers.

Project Management

Every project I've worked on I've been heavily involved in contributing to each stage in a project's timeline, from planning to development. I've been involved in talking to clients about requirements. I've contributed to designing and planning quality software. I have a ton of experience doing code reviews.


I've trained many junior developers throughout my career and there is nothing I enjoy more than helping people see their potential. I have a strong passion in helping the people I work with reach their goals.

What's Next

I want to team up with really smart, really passionate, developers and build awesome things!